Since 2010 Symphones has done more than refine an old tradition: we've started a new one. By fusing dynamic audio technology with the vivid DIY culture we work to enable a new movement of designer artisans. Symphones empowers DIY builders through our dedication to producing the best quality headphone drivers. To achieve optimal results, our products undergo years of design, testing and verification, making each driver worth your patience and skill.

Symphony of Thunder

We know a great product requires great dedication. At Symphones we make headphone drivers by hand using carefully selected materials from local Canadian suppliers. Detail and purity is our passion and its no secret that even adhesives used in our drivers are formulated in-house to our strict specifications.

We strive to give our builders the smoothest, most dynamic and pure framework to spotlight their sonic designs. We enable our builders to prove with their imagination and skill that the best products don’t come mass produced.


"I feel so close to the music, it almost spooks me."

— Head-fier Kakao