Instinctively Unique

Say hello to V9, a new high-performance headphone driver from Symphones.

With over 2 years of development V9 has been faithfully engineered to set new expectations in headphone listening.

Now available for order, see below what makes V9 instinctively unique.


new Insight

The most notable development in V9 came after extensive testing revealed a noticeable reaction from the placement of the diaphragm.

Since most headphone drivers utilize thick mesh guards to protect the delicate diaphragm surface the driver must be recessed 4-6mm in order to have appropriate operating clearance and adequate protection.

In the first set of images you can see an axis-symmetric open baffle simulation of a typical headphone driver installation. There are peaks and valleys in the frequency response due to non-linearities of the recessed driver cavity. As you can tell this common design is not optimal since it leads to an unbalanced and distorted sound.

Starting over

Through rigorous testing we recognized there was an audible advantage to moving the acoustic surface as close to the front baffle as possible and gently rolling-off the surrounding geometry.

These next images show the same diaphragm but this time sitting perfectly flush with the front baffle. As you can see this new approach has considerably improved frequency response, giving a much more realistic and higher quality sound.

With these convincing results we knew we were on to something special and in order to continue with our theme of minimal acoustic interference we required a new way of protecting the delicate diaphragm surface. Little did we know this challange would be our greatest yet…




Transparent Strength

Throughout development on V9 it was clear a flush mounted driver was the way to go, but with this realization came a new challenge. How could we protect the diaphragm surface while still keeping true to our ambitious goal of absolute minimal acoustic interference?

Our solution involved thousands of design iterations and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Say hello to Turbomesh, a revolutionary solution which offers the best of both worlds; incredible structural rigidity with absolute minimal acoustic obstruction.

Turbomesh employs a unique 3D printed unibody design; at its core a framework of extended geometric elements are optimized for incredible strength yet absolute minimal acoustic cross section. Revolving these structural elements is an array of uniquely generated lattice struts designed to protect the remaining diaphragm all while keeping open area at an absolute maximum.

With over 90% increased open area vs previous designs the results are astonishing and a perfect compliment to the already impressive performance of V9.