I want to build a headphone using Symphones V8.1 Drivers, what's my first step?

First you will need our V8.1 Drivers, a pair of ear cups, headband, cable, and ear pads.

If you plan on upgrading your Grado's read this article to understand what is needed.

For DIY headphone components approved for V8.1 Drivers visit the recommended suppliers below:

Turbulent Labs

Quality headband leathers, wooden cups, and high purity copper cables designed for Symphones V8.1 Drivers.


Prezm and his team are dedicated to quality DIY headphones. Makers of fine wooden earcups and headband assemblies for Symphones V8.1 Drivers.

Wabi Sabi

Bruce at Wabi Sabi makes beautiful custom wooden enclosures designed for Symphones V8.1 Drivers.


An excellent one-stop-shop for DIY headphone designs. Compatible with Symphones V8.1 Drivers, check out their Wooden cups, headbands, and fork assemblies.


An excellent source for Grado earpads which are the preferred choice for Symphones V8.1 Drivers.


How do V8.1 Drivers compare in sound to V7?

V8 is the latest refinement of our expertise and technology. Read a direct comparison of V8 Drivers and V7 here.


What are the dimensions for V8.1 drivers?

Our V8 drivers have a diameter of 1.7 inches or 46mm and a height of 0.28 inches or 7.1mm. Red dot marks positive terminal.



Do you ship internationally?

We ship our Drivers world-wide. For detailed shipping cost please refer to your shopping cart check-out.


Any other questions?

We know building your own headphone can seem like a challenge, but its one that comes with many rewards. If you want to learn more or have any questions feel free to drop us a line.