V8.1 Driver Installation

For best results it is recommended V8.1 drivers have an air-tight seal with their enclosure. This allows the driver to act as an 'air-spring' with the enclosure air volume to produce an optimal frequency response.

There are 2 options for securing V8.1 Drivers into custom wood enclosures. Both methods use common materials available at your local hardware store. 

The first method using 'Blue Tak' is removable allowing you to get a rough idea of headphone performance before settling on a final design.

The second method employs water-based PVA wood glue to semi-permanently set the drivers into their wood enclosures. This method is meant to be used once you have finished your design and gives the best final air-tight seal for optimal acoustic results. 

See the below galleries for detailed step-by-step procedures on each technique. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

A desktop browser is recommended for viewing the appropriate captions on the images below.


Option 1:

Removable driver mounting Using "Blue Tack"


Option 2:

Final driver mounting Using "PVA Wood Glue"